"I'm a setting sun: on fire and headed west"

How It Started
Since he was a boy running around the woods and water of Southern Ohio, hit songwriter Andrew Scott Wills has been enamored with American history. He spent his summers combing the dirt for arrowheads and visiting historical forts and memorials. As a teenager he discovered Eckert's "The Frontiersman" and built his first CVA Kentucky long rifle kit. Around the same time he bought a junk guitar for $20 and started songwriting. 
Life took him on a whirlwind journey of college, marriage, fatherhood and a career of songwriting on Nashville's Music Row notching Billboard charting singles and hundreds of recordings. He grew tired of his career depending on the unreliable music industry and fickle artists. All the while, the frontier was calling.
On a 14-hour deer season roadtrip from Tennessee to Northern Wisconsin, Wills developed the concept of Hawken Horse merging his loves of music and history. On the return trip he began writing the words to his future breakout song "Free" and you might say: the rest is history. 
The music of Hawken Horse shines a lantern on the romance and the ruggedness of frontier history with inspiring lyrics that spark an inner yearning for discovery, independence and survival. Some songs touch on historical figures and events, while other songs are meant to capture the feeling of adventure for the modern frontiersman.

Now with three records under his belt, Hawken Horse prepares to release his biggest project to date. "Hammered & Hewn" is an album that covers a hundred year swath of American history from 1786-1886 and is set to release July 12th.

New Trails

Now considered an authority on American history, Wills also frequently writes for various magazines such as Muzzleloader Magazine, Muzzle Blasts Magazine, and Hook & Barrel Magazine. He has also previously written for American Frontiersmen and Guns of the Old West.

There are more content plans in the works for Hawken Horse including the possibility of a history podcast and a book.

Bear Grease

Listen to Hawken Horse's interview and the round table discussion about Davy Crockett on the latest Bear Grease podcast out now.

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Frontier Partisans Interview

Read Hawken Horse's exclusive interview with the Frontier Partisan's Jim Cornelius where they discuss rifles, the music biz and the latest record Longhunter.

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I Love Muzzleloading

Hawken Horse is interviewed on the "I Love Muzzleloading Podcast" where Andrew Scott Wills discusses the upcoming album Longhunter, history and his love affair with his new Kibler Woodsrunner flintlock.

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2 Articles in AF

Hawken Horse's frontman Andrew Scott Wills has 2 articles in the Spring 2023 issue of American Frontiersman Magazine! You can find it at your local grocery, bookstore, Tractor Supply or online here.

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MeatEater Documentary

Hawken Horse is proud to announce that "The Ballad of Warner Glenn" will be featured in the MeatEater-produced documentary about the legendary Warner Glenn. The film is hosted by Clay Newcomb of the Bear Grease podcast and available on YouTube. Click here to watch.

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Look for Hawken Horse in the December issue of FUR-FISH-GAME! You can order a copy here

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American Frontiersman Interview

Read Hawken Horse's exclusive interview with American Frontiersman Magazine available in the Fall 2022 issue! The edition features a painting of Jim Bridger on the cover by famed artist David Wright. Order here!

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Muzzleloader Magazine!

A big thanks to Muzzleloader Magazine for covering Hawken Horse's debut record in their Sep/Oct 2022 issue! Be sure to snag your copy here!

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Muzzle-Loaders Podcast

Hawken Horse was a guest on the Muzzle-Loaders Podcast that covers "All Things Muzzleloading" listen here.

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