"Born in the wrong era."

Hawken Horse makes music for those who yearn to go back and those who never left.

Hawken Horse was assembled much like the Allegheny and Susquehanna Rivers join to create the Ohio. Genealogical folklore, forged with inspiration as far off as the Rocky Mountains, produce the storytelling that is Hawken Horse. A genuine fascination of history, the good and the ugly, inspires the lyrics along with an inner yearning for discovery, independence and frontier. 

Fronted by Nashville based hit-songwriter Andrew Scott Wills, the project is made of a possible's bag of skilled musicians and collaborators with a love of folklore and music. 

Andrew Scott Wills of Hawken Horse

If your imagination wants to run wild in the wilderness with the likes of Daniel Boone, Sacagawea and Kit Carson, this is the music for you.