"Born in the wrong era."

Andrew Scott Wills

Along the banks of the Little Miami River a young boy removed his coonskin cap and wiped the sweat from his brow. He watched the moving water and imagined the Shawnee warriors who once canoed these waters and frontiersmen who walked the nearby hollows. This lead to a hunger to find and read any history book he could find about the frontier and snowballed into what became a lifelong obsession. 

Fast forward to present day, Nashville based hit-songwriter Andrew Scott Wills put down his Music Row lunchbox to chase something that’s been chasing him for years. He formed Hawken Horse with the vision of capturing the same fascination that’s consumed him since that day along the Little Miami.

His songwriting puts the spotlight on the good and the ugly of frontier history, inspires lyrics that spark the inner yearning for discovery, independence and survival. 

With the help of a possible's bag of skilled musicians and collaborators, Wills has been able to forge a collection of stories that have been literally centuries in the making. "Hawken Horse makes music for those who yearn to go back and those who never left," Wills says.