Philip Goodwin

Philip Goodwin

Philip R. Goodwin, an American artist known for his stunning outdoor paintings, has captured the imagination of outdoor enthusiasts with his unique ability to capture the heart of adventure. 

Goodwin illustrated Jack London's The Call of the Wild in 1903 at the age of 22. He later illustrated Theodore Roosevelt's African Game Trails. Goodwin opened a studio in 1904 in New York City, and became well known for his illustrations in numerous magazines and commercial items, such as posters, calendars, and catalogs. Some of the magazines in which his work appeared include: Collier's Weekly, Outdoor Life, Outers' Recreation, Scribner's Magazine, The Popular Magazine, and McClure's Magazine. He also did several covers for The Saturday Evening Post.

The above is one of my personal favorites by Goodwin, called "Men of Mettle". 

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