New Album Coming November 3

New Album Coming November 3

Two albums in one year? Yes.

Many of you might recall, that the album Longhunter, while released second was actually the first project I recorded. And so I was really inspired and itching to release something new. 

The title of the record is "Westward Water" and will release on November 3rd. 

This project will serve as a larger, 10,000 foot view of the frontier and kind of connect the first two records.

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Music by Hawkenhorse has been on my playlist for a couple of hunting seasons now. Looking forward to Western Waters and more good stuff. Feed that frontier soundtrack in your head with Hawkenhorse music.

Kyle Carroll

I love the albums released so far. And will wait patiently for the release of this newest album. The songs make me want to pick up my Hawkens rifle and hit the mountains.

Richard Messer

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