Merch Upgrades + Discount Code

Merch Upgrades + Discount Code

As an indie artist, I've had a lot of listeners ask how they can support my music because they don't want it to go away. And I usually tell them that buying a CD, t-shirt, hat or mug makes the biggest difference. But I get it, CDs are so old school and a person can only have so many t-shirts. And so I am working on putting together some unique items that can help fund the music while also being useful to you outside of feeling you helped me out.

As we draw closer to the release of the upcoming record, the store will begin to drop new items as they become available. Some items will be limited-edition because of their nature but I also intend to make some of them regular members of the store.

To make room for what's coming I'm having a 17% off t-shirt sale right now through June 14th using the code: CoonskinCap. You can browse the selection here.

As usual, thanks for listening and supporting me!


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