Hawken Horse Debut Album Available Now

Hawken Horse Debut Album Available Now

The time has finally come. I timidly released my first single, "Free" back in March. I prepared for it sit out there on the internet and collect virtual dust like so many songs do. But instead, I found an entire community of people a lot like me. People who love history, traditional ways, making things with their hands and imaging what it would be like to live "back then". This record goes out to all you who have reached out to encourage me (and in some cases beg me!) to not stop making music. That is the fuel that every creative runs off of and craves. So thank you.

If you're the streaming type, you can listen here. Stream it a ton for me!

If you'd like a CD, I've got those too. You can find those here.

Thank you again for the support!

Andrew Scott Wills

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