Hammered & Hewn: Volumes 1 & 2

Hammered & Hewn: Volumes 1 & 2

With three full-length records an EP and multiple singles behind him it was time for Hawken Horse to raise the bar. And he is doing just that via the upcoming double-album entitled "Hammered & Hewn". The project is made up of two volumes and covers the frontier spirit, stories and folklore from 1786 through 1886.

The first volume will release digitally on July 12th, followed by two singles before the entire second volume drops on Oct 11th. For those unwilling to wait there will be double-album CDs available beginning July 12th.

"Today's world is run by the algorithm. So in order to feed the beast I need to release the project slowly," Andrew Wills explains. "It'll probably be easily to digest that way anyway."

The record includes 28 new songs about Crockett, Carson, Hickok, Billy the kid, John Colter and Jedidiah Smith. With the project Wills hopes to bring more attention to the history of America and garner more interest into muzzleloading and the pursuit of adventure. "I want to chronicle some of the lesser known tales of America history in a palatable format."

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