Frontier Resources

Frontier Resources

I thought it would be cool to provide some of the frontier-related websites that I enjoy. Some of these you may be aware of and other you may not. Feel free to add any other frontier-related sites you think I missed in the comment section. 


Frontier Partisans is high-quality Blog/Podcast that covers anything related to the frontier. Topics include articles on historic events, books, art, music and movies all related to "The Adventurers, Rangers and Scouts Who Fought the Battles of Empire"

The Hawken Shop still exists. There are a lot of rifles out there with the name 'Hawken' slapped on them but there is only one Hawken Shop. Carrying on the legacy of Jacob and Samuel Hawken, the Hawken Shop continues to produce genuine Hawken kits using the same casted moulds from the Hawken and Gemmer days to give you the opportunity to build a legit Hawken.

I Love Muzzleloading provides muzzleloading news, education, rifle build videos and muzzleloading content like no other. I devoutly subscribe and watch the YouTube channel. 

Muzzleloader Magazine is THE magazine of the blackpowder and living history culture. It's also gorgeous with high quality photography and well-researched articles. It's a must. 

David Wright is a legend and likely doesn't need any introduction but since I started making music I've gotten know David and found out that he is even cooler than his art. He tells me all the time that he listens to Hawken Horse while he paints the same way I look at his paintings while I write my songs. If you aren't aware of his body of work, check out his site and buy a print. You won't be disappointed. is a fantastic resource for your modern to traditional muzzleloading supplies with a great catalog of gear and fast shipping. I have been a customer for years and love the knowledgable and helpful staff.

Museum of the Fur Trade is by far one of my favorite museums I have ever visited. It is off the beaten path but for a reason. It is built on the very site of the James Bordeaux’s trading post, which was established for the American Fur Company in 1837. The jaw-dropping collection includes artifacts from the fur trade that'll give any Hawken Horse fan goosebumps.

The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association has been around since 1933 providing muzzleloading shooting matches, education and countless resources designed to carry on America's heritage of muzzleloading. I bet they have a shooting club near you.

Dixie Gun Works has been a staple of the blackpowder muzzleloading circles since 1954 and continues to offer one of the coolest catalogs in the game. They are the "hardware store" of muzzleloading, if you need a replacement part they've got it.

Kibler's Longrifles are changing the game. I could go on and on. I LOVE my Kibler's Woodsrunner. 

The Contemporary Longrifle Association is an incredible assembly of artisans making period correct works of art today. If you're looking for a true heirloom flintlock or a powder horn this is the place to go. 

There are so many people I'd love to support but I can't list everyone. If you would like to include someone to this list add it in the comments. Thanks!

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