Flintlock Harvest

Flintlock Harvest

So on Monday I shot a real nice mature buck. But it turned out I made a non-lethal shot in his brisket. His blood trail dried up and I covered 1.1 miles before deciding he was alive and well.

Yesterday I was sick and disgusted and wanted to do anything but go hunting.

Today I made myself get back out into the woods because the deer are moving. Right at first light this little eight pointer came right into me. And in the same way a coach tells his struggling quarterback to throw a couple 5 yard curls or dump it off to the running back to build his confidence, I decided to take him. I’m so proud to have taken my first buck with a flintlock. And boy am I excited to eat some tenderloins tonight!

I am reserving my second Tennessee buck tag for that deer I hit on Monday. I hope I run into him and can finish the job.
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