2 Articles in American Frontiersman Magazine

2 Articles in American Frontiersman Magazine

Hawken Horse's frontman Andrew Scott Wills has 2 articles in the Spring 2023 issue of American Frontiersman Magazine! You can find it at your local grocery, Tractor Supply or online here.

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Please be advised that the Longhunter Bundle offer in American Frontiersman Magazine is for $40. (The way it printed it looks like it is $10). Thank you in advance!

Hawken Horse

Your ad in American Frontiersman may cause some issues. The Long Hunter Bundle offer looks very much like it is being offered for $10. I had to get a magnifying glass to see that it actually says $40. The 4 looks very much like a 1!

Dennis Legg

After reading the interview by Mark Chesnut of Andrew Scott Wills in the 2022 issue of “American Frontiersman”, became enamored with wanting to hear this album.
So when my son asked me what I wanted for my birthday last month, I said “Hawken Horse”. I fell in love with the folksy tunes and Will’s mellow voice in singing his songs. The simple use of acoustic instruments makes it seem like you were in a frontier village. Will be asking for more for either Christmas or next birthday.

Richard Messer

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